Castor Town Sign


Castor is located at the intersection of Highway 12 and Highway 861, approximately 143 km (89 mi) east of the City of Red Deer. It has an elevation 816 m (2,677 ft).

Castor is French (also Latin) for beaver. The town is known for its duck and geese migration in the fall since its territory includes many stopping points well frequented by migrating waterfowl.

Each year Castor’s lake like creek that wraps around the north-east end of the town, is a large drawing point for visitors. This one of a kind creek is framed by sandstone cliffs, and a visit will usually be filled with numerous wildlife sightings. The creek is one of the best places on the Alberta prairies for Kayaking and paddle-boarding. Other creek activities include motor-boating and swimming. On dry years natural beaches form at the base of some of the cliffs, giving visitors opportunities to dock their kayaks, during parts of creek. In addition to the creek, the town hosts many museums, including the towns original hospital dating back to 1911, the Machine Shed Museum, the Pharmacy Museum housed in the towns original drug store, the Beaver School Museum, the historic All Saints Anglican Church, the Grain Elevator Historical Site, and the Train Station Museum.


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