Coronation was named in honour of the coronation of King George V. The Town was registered as a Village on December 16, 1911, and by April 29, 1912, was declared a Town. Some of the original buildings from Coronation’s early years remain, but fires over the years have taken their toll on some of the historical sites.

“September 27, will go down in the history of Coronation as alpha of her existence.  From this date will be reckoned the building, not only of business establishments, but of character and it may be of fortunes also.” The above was the first paragraph of the September 27, 1911 edition of The News Review, published the day Coronation came into existence.  An ‘instant town’ sprang up immediately following the sale of twenty-four blocks of land.  Many buildings from Haneyville, six miles away, were moved into town as soon as the lots were sold.

The development of Coronation was based on agriculture and the rich natural resources of the area. The discovery of oil and natural gas in the 1950’s helped to boost the economy of the region, and gave the community a second industry.

Coronation has had its share of champions.  The Coronation Cadet Corps brought home many trophies for excellence, especially marksmanship.  There has been more than one brome grass champion, as well as various cattle breeders showing championship stock, helping to put Coronation on the map.

Courtesy of Coronation Review


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