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Located in Central Alberta 20 minutes north of the City of Red Deer, the Lacombe Region has always been a region steeped in history and culture. Here you will find historical spaces that house trendy boutiques, culinary pleasures that tease your taste buds and cultural performances that stir the soul. The Lacombe Region welcomes all to discover store owners that are welcoming, chefs that are daring and performers that are ready to hit the stage.

Our region is vibrant, and visitors can expect to be pleasantly surprised time and time again. 

Cow Patti Theatre Company
Arts and Culture

Cow Patti Theatre Company

On a cold November day in 1996 while forking hay to the cows, “Head Cow” AnnaMarie Lea, pregnant with her son James, fell face first into a pile of fresh Cow Patties, hence the Cow Patti Theatre Company was born. Twenty-five years later as we move into our 26th Season, Cow Patti has travelled and

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DNA Gardens Red Deer County

DNA Gardens

Central Alberta’s Hidden Gem. We have 20 acres of beautiful orchard. We offer u-pik as our different fruits come into season, as well as tours and events through-out the year. We make a variety of products with the fruit we harvest from our orchard, including pies, jams, wines and spirits! Fruit & Fun … it’s

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Discover Lacombe Region


Restaurant, street markets, art and culture abound in central Alberta. 

Discover our beautiful region, one adventure at a time.

Bentley Fair and Rodeo Days

Make your way to Lacombe in July for the annual Lacombe Days parade, culture and festivals. 


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