Nova Chemicals Nature Trails

NOVA Chemicals Community Nature Trail and the Joffre Outdoor Rink

The land of the NOVA Chemicals Community Nature Trail has never been tilled for agricultural use and vegetation includes native grasses, willow, bush, poplar and aspen stands. The area also supports wetlands and has natural drainage channels to Jones Creek. The wetlands and vegetation offer a great habitat for birds and other wildlife. The new stormwater management system built as part of NOVA Chemicals’ rail yard expansion to the west of this area enhances the wetland / habitat capability. The trail system provides an excellent opportunity for people to connect with nature and learn about local wildlife and plants — as well as the area’s history.

The Hamlet of Joffre Outdoor Rink is a joint effort between Lacombe County and NOVA Chemicals this amenity provides outdoor skating in the winter as well as basketball in the summer.

NOVA Trails/Outdoor Rink Map

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